Floral Cake Stand

I didn’t start holiday diy’s until I met my daughter’s best friend’s mother. I can still remember my thoughts and reaction to seeing the lengths she went through to decorate for each and every holiday, big and small. I never once thought to decorate for any holiday other than the really big ones and to me that was basically Halloween and Christmas and a few things for Easter. Her name was Tracy and she’s married with four kids; two boys two girls. Plus a fish tank, a dog, and she always had people over at her house. I was envious for sure. Her house was always a mess, but like clock work she cleaned every Saturday, and went to the grocery store every Sunday. We loved to thrift shop together and that’s where I learned that cheaper items can be made to be beautiful. I remember she decorated for St. Patricks day and I mean the entire house. And quite honestly, I was blown away and quite honestly it sort of made me feel like a bad mom because I never once thought to decorate for my daughter. I always thought of decorating for me, thinking what would a little kid care? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but because it was just my daughter and I, I knew I had to start doing something to make memories for her. So I started decorating and I was thinking too much store bought like Tracy. But she didn’t have the time on her hands like I did so I started to make my own decor.
I only wish I would have met Tracy earlier on in life because by the time I made this discovery of decorating for holiday’s big and small or just for ANY reason at all, my daughter was already 11. But like they say “better late than never”.
And after all these years of decorating and making my own decor I still love every minute of it and after each decor I’m always so proud of my work. And I share it with all of you because everyone should know how something so cheap can be something so beautiful.
This is my first Valentine’s Day DIY of 2017 and of course it’s material from the Dollar Tree. You can watch the full tutorial on my YouTube Channel: CheapCraftyGirl.



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